June 17, 2010

Joe’s, one of many favourite exercises:Wall Flattener

Wall Flattener Start   Wall Flattener Start

Ah, the wall flattener. It’s one of my favourite exercises not just because of the many benefits for posture, range of motion and flexibility but it is an equipment free exercise. Nothing is required besides a vertical flat surface which means this exercise can be performed virtually anywhere.
A great example is demonstrated by Andrew Burchell above, who presents Stayfitanywhere Health Seminars.
For full instructions of the exercise and a print out, view Wall Flattener Exercise.
Sitting at the computer all day forces your shoulders to rotate inwards towards the center of your chest which results in tight pectoral muscles. If you’re reading post, this would be a perfect time for you to get up out of your seat and perform this exercise for 30 seconds on the wall behind you. Give it shot!
Stay tuned for my next favourite exercise, the Wall Sit.
To see a live demonstration of other equipment free exercises, register for free seminar “Fitness Solutions for Busy People” on June 29th @ 7pm.
To register for this educational seminar or to view this exercise and many many more, visit Stayfitanywhere.com.
Stay Fit!

~joe – jcheng@stayfitanywhere.com

April 27, 2010

Wheel Barrow Workouts!

A friend of mine Cam Beals posted the following comment on my facebook page the other day: “Hey buddy, heard your StayFitAnywhere ad on the PeakFM today, nice work. If you have any customers that want to work on their stabilizers, legs and traps by using a wheel barrow I can set that up.” If you didn’t get a chance to hear our ad on the radio I have made a video with the ad in the background and you can see it below.

Now back to the wheel barrow, Cam is the owner of University Landscapers (http://www.universitylandscapers.com/) and he is an incredibly hard worker and he expects the same effort he puts in from his employees (much like we expect all of our clients to put in hard work). Cam and his team spend hours shoveling, digging, wheel barrowing, constructing and labouring while they perform installations like rock work and water features. Cam may have been just slightly off with his terminology and anatomy in regards to wheel barrow work (training) but he is certainly right that working with a wheel barrow is an incredible way to train your body.
Below is the breakdown of wheel barrow work in primal movement pattern terms.
1. Loading the wheel barrow (shovel into material) – For the most part shoveling is performed in a split stance position and to get a real good load on your shovel you need to bend down deep (Lunge) while you thrust your shovel (push) into the material.
2. Loading the wheel barrow (shovel to wheel barrow) – The shovel must be brought from the material (pull) and thrown or placed into the wheel barrow (rotation).
3. Lifting the wheel barrow – Bend down to grasp the handles and stand tall (Deadlift).
4. Moving the wheel barrow – While holding the handles you need to walk the wheel barrow to the dump site (gait).
5. Emptying the wheel barrow – Get underneath the handles and use your legs to tip the wheel barrow up on to its end allowing the material to come out (squat and another push)
6. Work (Training) variables – Deadlines (speed), Size of the job (volume and reps), and Terrain and weather (stability)
There are many ways to achieve physical fitness and working with a wheel barrow is definitely one of them, and wheel barrowing allows you to stayfitanywhere. If you would like to set up a workout with Cam and his crew please feel free to contact me, he is looking for a few extra pairs of hands.
Josh Neumann, BHK, PTS, TSCC-1
Monday and Thursday #FitTip at www.twitter.com/stayfitanywhere

April 13, 2010

Office Squat

March 31, 2010

Work Life…the cycle

Tired If your work day consists of mainly one position, sitting, this is for you. Some of you may not know, that I use to be one of those individuals. The day would consist of waking up, driving to work, grabbing a coffee and plopping my butt down in a comfy chair infront of a computer screen. Probably exactly what you’re doing right now. Then the rest of my day would consist of getting up a couple of times in the morning to go to a meeting where I would sit again. A lot of times, lunch wasn’t even on my radar and right around 3pm, my brain and body was telling me it was nap time. The last two hours of work just dragged and dragged. If this is you, then keep on reading.
After years and years of repetitiveness, I thought, there must be more to life than going around in a cycle like a gerbil in a wheel. Of course it isn’t feasible for all of us to change careers and find jobs that require more movement and time to eat a sensible lunch. So what kind of solutions are out here? Glad you asked! This is one of the main reason, we at Stayfitanywhere have started to focus more on helping companies create effective and realistic wellness solutions. I have been right where you are, so I come from a decade of the dreaded work life cycle experience.
We want to educate and create custom solutions for the workplace. Since you have to be at work, you should make the best of it, get extra pep in your step, a quick energy boost(not caffeine related), and to relieve stress when ridiculous deadlines become overwhelming.  We at Stayfitanywhere have developed effective educational seminars, delivered during your lunch hour. Why lunch hour? This ensures you actually take a lunch and feed your body as well as feed your mind. See how one lunch and learn energizes the rest of your day. If you don’t believe me, ask some of the companies we’ve helped out, like Ledcor and Discovery Parks. Or better yet, email us at info@stayfitanywhere.com to experience your very own mind opening Lunch and Learn. We know you and your company will benefit, grab our hand, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

~joe cheng – BCS, PTS

January 22, 2010

Exercise Strategies for the Workplace @ HEABC

On Wednesday January 20th, I presented ‘Functional Exercise Strategies for the Workplace @ HEABC.  This was a follow-up lecture to ‘The 12 Keys to Fat Loss’ which I had presented there two weeks earlier.  During that ’12 Keys to Fat Loss’ lecture, the common frustration and barrier to why people could not get in enough exercise was time.  And while ‘The 12 Keys to Fat Loss’ lecture really seemed to motivate the group to get going with their exercise, this follow-up lecture was geared at showing them the strategies on how they could actually create time and fit in some simple exercises while they were at work. 

During this lecture, we covered the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) guidelines for:  Fat loss, Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, and Muscular Flexibility.  I then forced the group to think up some strategies, by giving them a piece of paper with a muscle on it.  In groups of 4, each had to figure out how they were going to get a resistance training exercise and a stretch for the muscle that they given while they were in their desk.  This exercise really forced them to think and get creative.  I then shared some of the Stayfitanywhere strategies for fat loss, postural conditioning, back pain relief, and mental energy & alertness.  Overall, I think this group really learned a lot and made them rethink the way we must exercise in the 21st century.

My next lecture will be ‘The 12 Keys to Fat Loss’ at Sunset Community Centre (6810 Main street) on Tuesday, January 26th at 6 pm.  This is a very informative, very motivating, and very potent lecture that is sure to get people moving more.  All the information of this lecture (and much much more) is available in Ebook version, available as a free download at www.stayfitanywhere.com in PDF format.  

If you or your company are interested in having these or any other of my lectures at your office, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Happy Training…while you’re working… and getting paid for it! 🙂

Andrew Burchell
Clinical Exercise Specialist




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