On Friday afternoon, I got a random invite from a friend to join her at a power yoga class.  I thought this would be something that I would be able to easily manage and would be a nice change from my current training regimen (speed, agility, quickness, and explosive plyometric training for basketball).  We started the class performing about 100 downward dogs linked with a cobra stretch (kind of like a dive-bomber push-up- not sure of the correct yoga terminology).  This was quite manageable for me because we at Stayfitanywhere are MASTERS of the push-up and do them ALL THE TIME! ;)

After the downward dog/dive-bomber push-up series, we moved to a single leg balance combo. And I must say, I was put in my place.  We transitioned through a series of poses all on one leg at a time.  The process was probably 3 minutes ish? (It felt like an hour!).  And my legs were dying.  For the last month, my body has been accustomed to fast movement training.  In this class, the movements were very slow and it challenged the hell out of me!  

This just goes to show you that no matter how fit you think you are, there are always other ways to challenge your body.  It is also the reason why you need to change your exercise routine regularly (every 6 weeks or so). The body adapts and becomes accustomed to a training style or regimen. But once you introduce a new or unfamiliar activity, the body gets stressed & challenged in an entirely new way and breaks you from the comfort zone of your familiar activities. 

But I must say I am a very big fan of yoga.  It is an ancient practice that requires no equipment.  Practicing yoga is truly embodying the same principles of Stayfitanywhere:

1) All that is needed of you for you to stay fit and healthy is you and your willingness to put the effort in.  

2) Gravity is always working, so no equipment is really necessary.

3)  It doesn’t matter where and it doesn’t matter when;  You can stay fit anytime and you can Stayfitanywhere :)

Andrew Burchell
Clinical Exercise Specialist