Post-Workout Nutrition

Last week I wrote an article address the importance of pre workout nutrition ( and this week I would just like to address the importance of post workout nutrition.  I am not a nutritionist, so will provide some easy guidelines to follow.

·         You need to eat something within 30 minutes of finishing your workouts, the sooner you get food into your system the sooner you will begin to repair and refuel your body.

·         If you eat something within 30 minutes of finishing your workout you will ensure that your glycogen stores are filled so that you can perform at your best during your next workout.

·         You need to eat some form of protein after your workout in order to start repairing and rebuilding your body (any form of protein will do).

·         As is often the case I am asked well what should I eat?  Simply put eat something that your stomach can handle, try a few different meals/snacks/shakes out and go with the one that works best.

·         Your meals/snacks/shakes should have protein, carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, or a while grain product) and a source of fat.

·         Here is a link to my favourite post workout shake, takes about 30seconds to make and anywhere from 30seconds to 20minutes to drink.

·         What about if I am trying to lose weight?  Again complete calorie restriction is not the answer to weight loss… you need to exercise and eat consistently.

Find more tips on weight loss in Andrew Burchell’s free ebook ’12 Keys to Fat Loss’ which is available for download at  Train hard and eat well!

Josh Neumann, BHK, PTS, TSCC-1

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