Flowing with John Wolf’s Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork

After completing the RKC in February 2013 my superhumanitarian friend Sarah Jamieson mentioned to me that taking John Wolf’s Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork workshop would really complement my kettlebell training. Apparently Sarah told everyone about her experience training with John and his EKG system that she decided it would be great to host him here in Vancouver for a weekend. Of course I signed up and the experience was fantastic.

Great Coaching and an Excellent System

John’s coaching style was superb, he would show the skill, let you experience it, give you a drill to practice, and then allow you to reintegrate it back into the skill. This made learning to do just some of the amazing things John is capable of doing seem possible. Take a look at what John gets up to with his body and a kettlebell(s). He is beauty in motion!

John made it perfectly clear that the EKG system is not to replace your favourite training method: hardstyle kettlebelling, Olympic lifting, power lifting, or crossfitting. The EKG system is to fill in any gaps that may be missing from your training experience. There are specific movements to be learned with regressions, progressions and drills to ensure any individual finds an appropriate challenge and level of success.

It is similar to the RKC system with one difference. When you complete the RKC there is a clear next level with performance goals that must be met to pass. However, when you complete the EKG workshop there are no performance goals, you are given tools and skills to explore your own movement abilities and create your own “flow” experiences. This is why the EKG system is a perfect complement to the RKC and any other form of strength training.

Fun with Friends

I had a ton of fun during the workshop, it felt more like play then work. I guess that is what happens when you get a group of people together who love kettlebells and movement and give them an opportunity to learn something new. The gym we were playing in, Engineered Bodies, was filled with old and new friends, great quotes painted on the walls, a beautiful graffiti mural, and of course all the toys: kettlebells, clubbells, and monkey bars!

#SFACrew Member, Adrienne, working on her Shinbox extensions with presses!

Almost every time you looked over your shoulder you would catch someone focused and working on a static posture or a transition. Everyone was working to improve, it felt like being at lacrosse practice. Maybe it had something to do with this quote on the wall “champions are made when no one is watching” or maybe because our head coach made it so that everyone was successful.

Kettlebells and Getups

I love lifting kettlebells and I love doing and coaching getups. The EKG course opened up a whole new world for both of these things. It all starts with the shin box and progresses to standing and then reverse it all until you are laying back on the ground. Mix in some dragon squats, quad presses, and mtn climber sprawls with cossack squats, leg threads, and rock-its for unlimited potential to create your own versions of a getup. Then grab a hold of a kettlebell and you will never get bored with your training.

I am still practicing and playing with my EKG flow, best part is I don’t know what I am about to do until I am doing it!

The precourse prep work upped my training and coaching another notch. Finishing the 2 day course bumped it up a further 2 notches. If you are into expressing yourself through movement and playing with Kettlebells this course is a must.

Thanks for the “flow” John!
Josh Neumann, BHK, RKC, SFG, FMS
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