Adrienne is Wonder Woman

Adrienne is a practical joker. Nothing malicious. Jokes that take people out of their comfort zone, put a smile on their face and make them laugh. After beating cancer twice Adrienne has earned the right to show people the lighter side of life.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when Adrienne walked in for her training session sporting a Wonder Woman costume. She has no shame unless it involves a windsurfing board and a young doctor. Channeling power from her outfit she went on to have one of her best training sessions to date. Check out her kettlebell skills below.

Adrienne had never seen a Kettlebell before training with StayFitAnywhere, in fact she had little experience with strength training in general. When she first sat down with me she said “I’m not here to lose weight or count calories, I’m here to get as strong as possible before getting hip surgery.” During our first few months of training we didn’t even touch a weight, we worked on squatting out of a chair and getting up and down from the floor. With her dedication to the program she avoided hip surgery, another victory!

Not wanting to lose the momentum she had gained Adrienne set a new goal: learn the 6 exercises that make up the foundation of kettlebell lifting (Turkish Getup, front squat, press, swing, clean, and snatch). She started with an 8kg pink bell, conquered it quickly. Then took on the 12kg blue bell, crushed it. On to the 16kg yellow bell, which she is close to defeating. She is not one to rest on her laurels and is currently taking on the challenge of the 20kg purple bell and the 24kg green bell for select exercises. As you can see in the video below she is focused and determined to continue improving her kettlebell skills and increasing her strength.

Adrienne you’ve earned your superhero status, wear your Wonder Woman shirt and child’s socks with pride!
Josh Neumann, BHK, RKC, SFG, FMS
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