Pushups in Pajamas! Pushups in Powder!

Last month to keep our clients accountable and motivated we got everyone to create a goal for the month of December and write it down on an ornament and pin in on our goal Christmas Tree inside the SFA studio. We saw lots of great goals being set and nearly everyone accomplished their goals, congratulations for keeping to it during a busy and stressful time of the year.

There was one exercise that stood out on the goal tree and that was PUSHUPS! There were a number of different pushup goals for December, so many that I wrote a blog post about it, Pushups the Word! Perhaps the funniest pushup goal set was between a couple. Lindsay set a goal of doubling the number of pushups Edwina could do, a big challenge. When Edwina saw this she set a goal of being able to do 30 pushups herself, putting the pressure on Lindsay to get 60!

They both put in tremendous effort to reach these marks. During our training sessions we did a number of sets of 3-10 reps of pushups with the goal of working on efficient technique and establishing a strong pushup in order to reach big numbers. On their own they used the Grease the Groove method of sneaking in sets of 5 or 10 pushups throughout the day, a fantastic way to increase your activity in the day and get a ton of reps without beating your body up too much.

Lindsay put in pushup work ANYWHERE he could, perfect example of someone who knows how to StayFitAnywhere.

On New Years Eve Edwina and Lindsay set out to accomplish their goals and lucky for us we got some footage!

Edwina shooting for 30 pushups in her pajamas!

Edwina knocked out her 30 pushups first setting the bar at 60 for Lindsay, in his pajamas also!

Lindsay didn’t quite make 60, but he did tough it out and hit 56, a very impressive feat. Get the most out of the goals you set by sharing them with others, setting a bench mark that is challenging yet attainable and of course is measurable. Next step is set a plan and go to work, and if you make your goal you know your plan worked, if you miss review your plan and make adjustments and get back to work. Congratulations Edwina and Lindsay on a job well done, you have my permission to take a week off of pushups, if you want!
Josh Neumann, BHK
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