Pushups the word!

Our December goal tree is filled with great goals but one word is dominating the tree and it is PUSHUPS! It is no surprise as pushups are one of the best bodyweight exercises because they can be done anywhere and there are so many variations, not to mention the boost in strength your core and upper body will get from doing them.

M.T. set a great mastery goal of achieving 15 correct pushups by the end of the month. This is a fantastic goal as it covers both quality and quantity, they need to be performed a certain way and for 15 reps. M.I. will be spending much of the month working on pushup skills.

Improve your pushup skills by working from the ground up, check out the ground pushup!

Cliff has been featured on our blog before, Cliff’s Journey, he likes to bike and golf however it isn’t as much fun in the dark and rain so he set himself an indoor goal to keep him active daily. Cliff is going to do 15 pushups a day everyday for the month of December, which is a total of 465 pushups in a month!

Check out these numbers from my post on a Month of 1 Arm Pushups.

Grant has set his sights on a goal that will require efficiency and speed. He is going to do 60 pushups in 60 seconds. Not only does he have to do a whole bunch of pushups but he has to do them fast, a challenge no doubt, good thing he has all month to work on this goal!

Our final pushup goal for December comes from a couple and is pretty funny and not competitive at all. Lindsay came in at the beginning of the month and said I’d like to double the number of pushups Eddi can do by the end of the month. A goal with a sliding scale. When Eddi saw this she immediately stepped up to the challenge and announced that she wanted to do 30 pushups by month’s end. Like I said not competitive at all, of course neither one has backed down. The question of the day around their household is “how many have you done today?”

We have a couple other special things going on for the holiday studio at the SFA studio, check them out below.

Toys for Tots – We are collecting toys for kids aged 3-16 until December 14th. All toys will be given to the Gordon House to be distributed throughout the West End of Vancouver.

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Set a goal for December, make a plan, track your progress, and enjoy the holiday season!
Josh Neumann, BHK
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