How Strong is Strong Enough?

I have heard this statement a number of times over the past few years and over the past couple of days it has rattled around in my head.

“How strong is strong enough?”

Since I started paying attention to this question I have heard and read a number of great answers. All slightly different. All with some sense of similarity. All with some vagueness. I don’t know if there can ever be a definitive answer to this question. Yet this question woke me up last night. As I said I have been thinking about strong enough a lot lately. My answer:

Strong enough is the ability to do as you please without fear. It is having the mental and physical confidence to go after what you want. This sounds a lot like power, but power is built on strength and is an expression of speed. Power is quick and fleeting. It moves like a wave with rhythmic motions, here a moment gone the next, building up steam as it retreats and returns. Strength is built over a lifetime of experiences. It is more like a brick wall, with each fear you conquer adding another brick to the wall. Strength is a lifelong journey, it is a shared battle between mind and body. So to answer the question: you can never be strong enough unless you’ve conquered all your fears.

In my own personal pursuit of strength I’ve found that every time I thought I was strong enough a fear or a weakness would show up and stop me in my tracks. At first I’d get mad, maybe even sad until I realized without any fears I’d have no reason to get stronger. There would be no struggle. No battle. No growth. No change.

Situations will always arise to expose your fears, you can let them knock down your wall or you can take the opportunity to add another brick. Brick by brick you will get stronger but never strong enough.
Josh Neumann, BHK
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