Kicks for Coaching Shoe Drive

Got an old pair of shoes that is collecting dust? Maybe an old pair of Pumps?

Bring them down to the StayFitAnywhere training studio located at 1732 Alberni St in Vancouver and donate them to our Kicks for Coaching Shoe Drive in support of the Eastside Foot Clinic. The Eastside Foot Clinic has been helping residents of the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver protect their feet by providing a location to clean their feet, get a new pair of socks and a pair of reconditioned running shoes. Your feet are the foundation of your body and if they are hurt or beat up the rest of your body will suffer and since we make sure all of our clients take care of their feet we thought why not give those in need a leg up.

Your donation itself will bring a smile to your face and free up some space in your closet but it will also earn you a complimentary 30min coaching/training session with us at StayFitAnywhere. That is right in exchange for your old pair of shoes we will provide you with a 30min coaching/training session. During the session we can cover a wide range of topics including: goal setting, exercise selection, exercise technique, foot care, nutritional guidelines, etc, basically anything you need help with.

We have a goal of collecting 20 pairs of shoes; please help us spread the word by asking your family, friends, and colleagues to drop off a pair of shoes at the StayFitAnywhere studio.

Thanks for your support!
Josh Neumann, BHK
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