CrawlingWalk before you run. You hear that all the time. What about crawl before you walk? If you haven’t heard it yet get ready because you will be hearing this phrase a lot. Crawling is one of the most important phases of motor development in human beings, it is the precursor to standing and walking. When was the last time you tried crawling? For some it will be like riding a bike and for others it will be a great challenge. There is no denying the benefits of crawling, everyone can benefit from doing some type of crawling during a training session… try it and get back to us.

The Challenge and The Prize!

We are challenging you to crawl 30secs a day during January, starting January 9th, 2012. Upload a video of yourself crawling on our Facebook Fan Page or email the video to info@stayfitanywhere.com for your chance to win a $10 gift certificate to Whole Foods. Grab your smart phone film yourself or your friends crawling for 30secs and send it to info@stayfitanywhere.com for a chance to win $10 at Whole Foods, it doesn’t get any easier… check out these crazy kids crawling!

Follow the hashtag #CrazyCrawlChallenge on twitter to get more updates on our crawl challenge and check back to our blog each week to see different variations of crawl patterns. Crawling is a big bang for your buck exercise, do this and see how your fitness improves in 2012!
Josh Neumann, BHK
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