Fit Over 50 (October 26th, 2011)

On Wednesday, October 26th, ‘Fit Over 50’ was presented at False Creek Community Centre. During this 1.5 hour informative seminar, presented by StayFitAnywhere’s Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist, Andrew Burchell, aging trends, health statistics, and the 12 fitness components were shared and discussed.  Here is a quick review of what was covered during the info session:

The Physiological Effects of the Aging Process:

  • Resting Heart Rate=  Unchanged
  • Maximum Heart Rate=  Lower
  • Resting and Exercise BP=  Higher
  • VO2 Max=  Lower
  • Reaction-Time=  Slower
  • Muscular Strength=  Lower
  • Flexibility=  Lower
  • Bone Mass=  Lower
  • Fat-Free Body Mass (Lean)=  Lower
  • % Body Fat=  Higher
  • Recovery Time=  Longer

The 12 Components of Physical Fitness (First 5= Health-Related Components, 6 Motor-Skill components of fitness, and StayFitAnywhere’s 12th component)

1. Body Composition (Females <32%, Men <22% = Satisfactory for Health)

2. Cardiovascular Endurance (aerobic exercise 6/10 for 20 minutes)

3. Muscular Endurance

4. Muscular Strength (squats, push-ups- use time under tension!)

5. Muscular Flexibility (stretch while in your chair!)

6. Agility (start in ‘athletic ready position’ + move side to side)

7. Balance (tight-rope walking, standing on one leg + arm tracking)

8. Coordination (hand writing in your non-dominant hand)

9. Power (front step + leg push off)

10. Reaction-Time (pen drop & catch)

11. Speed (walk just a little bit faster than you normally do for 15 seconds on your walk)

12. Postural Fitness (sit up straight, chin-tuck, arms above head)

Other Considerations:

  • Breathing- deep breathing
  • Myofascia- exercises for ‘limbering up’
  • Osteoporosis & Bone Health- resistance training & alkaline diets
  • Frailty- resistance training
  • Low Back Pain- 80% of individuals will experience low back pain at some point in their life. Perform ‘alternating side bum lifts’ while in your chair.

Happy training!  And don’t forget to download your free copy of“The 12 Keys to Fat Loss”

Andrew Burchell, Dipl.Ex.Sci

Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist

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