Injury Prevention for Runners (September 21st, 2011)

On Wednesday, September 21st, ‘Injury Prevention for Runners’ was presented at the StayFitAnywhere body education & training stuido (1732 Alberni street) for the Denman Running Room’s 10 km clinic. During this info session, presented by StayFitAnywhere’s Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist, Andrew Burchell, the common causes of injury as well as the strategies for preventing injuries were shared and discussed.  Here is a quick review of what was covered during the info session:

Common Causes of Injury (80% of injuries are self-inflicted):

  • Self-expectations and unrealistic goals
  • Impatience and over-eagerness
  • Poor alignment & exercise technique
  • Over-training
  • Impact with opposing external forces
  • Poorly designed shoes and equipment
  • Poorly designed exercise programs
  • Poor guidance and instruction
  • Stubborn/unwilling to change or listen
  • Obsessive behaviour and loss of holistic balance
  • Insufficient rest
  • Ignorance combined with action
  • Contact surfaces
  • Inappropriate clothing for the conditions
  • Poor preparation and lack of forethought
  • Length and frequency of participation
  • Pride and ego “overdrive”
  • Lack of consistent muscle management (stretching, massage, physio, etc…)

Common Running Injuries:

  • Shin Splints
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Metabolic Disorders:  Heat/Muscle Cramps , Heat Exhaustion,Heatstroke, Hypothermia

Injury Prevention and Management Plan:

  • Set clear short and long term goals
  • Be aware of your physical limitations
  • Understand and address accordingly, the causes of injuries (see above)
  • Set up specific strategies for achieving each goal
  • Have a biomechanic/fitness assessment performed through a StayFitAnywhere  Exercise Specialist
  • Knowing what kinds of exercises/programs will OFFSET the running stress?
  • Get qualified professional advice (check out their credentials & expertise)
  • Educate yourself- ask several professionals, read books, watch videos, etc.
  • Understanding the 12 components of physical fitness (CROSS-TRAINING)
  • ICE!  (Post-run)

Happy running!  And don’t forget to download your free copy of “The 12 Keys to Fat Loss”

Andrew Burchell, Dipl.Ex.Sci

Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist

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