Cliff’s Journey – Training for Grouse Grind in Shanghai
As Cliff was in his mini journey on the other side of the planet, he still managed to keep up with our set fitness path for his Grouse Grind goal. Manoeuvring through the thousands of people on one square block was only part of his challenge. The other was being able to not lose all the progress he has been doing while he was away for a couple of weeks. How many of us usually lose some sort of progress and performance while away on vacation or long business trips?

How would Cliff maintain his current training path not being able to physically train with me. Sure, I could’ve supplied him with handfuls of paper workouts but that would mean he would waste paper(not environmentally friendly) and try to dig them out through all his luggage. But I wouldn’t have any way of tracking his progress or any issues he may have had.

Instead we used the StayFitAnywhere Online Training Centre. No excuses could be given as he could access it from his phone, any computer and even his tablet.

I could also see his progress every step of the way. Once he completed the routine I posted, he would update it and comment on any of the exercises he had concerns with. I would instantly receive an email notification where I would then log onto the Online Training Centre to check his progress. This allows me to address his concerns before posting his next custom routine online. It also helped me keep Cliff on the right path as he was going through his excursion in China. It’s like me being right there but not.

It’s great to know when he arrives for his next one on one session, his progress hasn’t deteriorated because of the lack of accountability.
Cliff managed to keep up with his fitness and hasn’t skipped a beat. The Grouse Grind will be opening up soon. By not losing a step while he was away on vacation, he doesn’t have to back track.

Now Cliff will be well on his way of completing the Grouse Grind. Join us in the upcoming week as we step up his training to Grind!