Cliff’s Journey – Eating, the constant game.

As Cliff disciplines himself on his regular fitness routines, a constant struggle was emerging, eating. Who here hasn’t fought the urge to consume the extra piece of cheesecake or the extra handful of chocolate covered almonds. I know I have. A lot of times we try to convince ourselves we can make up for the way we eat by doing more exercises the next day. But how many of us actually spend the extra time and we all know that philosophy never works. Healthy eating habits is a lifestyle. It doesn’t happen overnight, start with one small change in behaviour.
In the past, you could often find Cliff’s favourite side dish, french fries, next to any meal. Healthy snacks were nonexistent and beverages never stopped at just a couple. It wasn’t the worse nutritional intake I have ever seen but it wasn’t the best either. Luckily, StayFitAnywhere developed a user friendly online food log within our Online Training Centre. With a little coaxing, Cliff began to log his daily meals. I could now review his daily eating habits and overall quality of what he was consuming. It gave me more information to provide Cliff with a game plan for his nutrition. It’s an effective training tool I have frequently been using as an eye opener for my clients.
Weeks of small changes lead to months of consistent healthy eating habits. I am proud to share, Cliff’s regular side dish is now a scrumptious plate of greenery. His nonexistent snacks are now refreshing fruits. And those beverages, yes Cliff still has them, but most occasions, it stops at 2.
Cliff’s combination of regular physical activities and now consistent healthy eating will put him on the correct path towards his goal of conquering the Grouse Grind.
Check in next week as Cliff works hard to increase his muscle endurance to sustain the gruelling trek of the Grind.

Joe Cheng – PTS, TSCC-1
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