Cliff’s Journey – Motivation and Dedication

Cliff’s journey begins with motivation and dedication. Reaching the top of Grouse Grind is no easy feat. Remember your first time you felt a feeling of self accomplishment? The feeling of success after putting in all those longs hours, battling through the mental frustrations and finally bursting through the clouds. For me, I remember the first time I tackled the Grouse Grind.  When I got to the top, the sun was beating down on my sweaty forehead and I had the feeling I was on top of the world.

Living healthy and having an active lifestyle is a continuous journey with unforeseen obstacles coming your way. Cliff has obstacles thrown at him on a daily basis. The aromas wafting from the C restaurant, the refreshing mist of the Granville Island Brewery and the sugary goodness of Big City Cupcakes . Living in the heart of downtown Vancouver, there are plenty of temptations.

But Cliff knows what’s at stake. He challenges his mind mentally and has learned through StayFitAnywhere’s Building Blocks Program, the ability to overcome which were once bad habits. So for all you on the fence of starting a fitness routine, don’t think you’re all alone. For beginners, 90% is battling through all the mental challenges and creating good habits which stick with you for life.  The other 10% is actually following through.  When there are no more excuses, there is no reason why you can’t achieve your fitness potential.

I’m happy to say, with my guidance through personal training and using StayFitAnywhere’s Online Training Centre, Cliff has managed to change aspects of his life to a healthier and active one. He has replaced fries with salads, a handful of beers to a couple, driving around to cycling, and has even taken the initiative to walk up the 12 flights of stairs to his condo. Now that’s impressive. How many of you are still waiting for the elevator while reading this?

Join us next week as I take Cliff through some of the routines StayFitAnywhere has designed to enhance muscle and cardio endurance to get him to the top of the Grind.

Joe Cheng – PTS, TSCC-1
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