Cliff’s Journey – One Man’s Desire to Reach the Top of the World…in this case, the Grouse Grind.

CliffIn the next couple of months, follow my client, Cliff, on his motivated path to hike the steep steps of the Grouse Grind on opening day (early May). In case you didn’t know, the Grouse Grind is just under 3km with an elevation of 2800ft. That’s approximately 2830 stairs, WOW!

A once sedentary, now moderately active 54 yr old, it’s a tremendous feat to take on this monstrous endeavour. Cliff’s first attempt was over 10 years ago with a time he has conveniently forgotten. I would attribute this memory block to either his upper age category or his selective memory focusing on just the positive experiences.

A quick synopsis on how Cliff came to be one of my most dedicated clients. I was actually a “gift”, most would have to agree, from their daughter, to put them on the right path to a more active and healthy lifestyle. She believed in the necessity to acquire the knowledge and foundation to keep the body healthy and strong. So, as her certified personal trainer, she purchased sessions for her parents. And 2+ yrs later, I’m ecstatic to say, Cliff, who once could only muster the strength to do 3 push ups, now can do them with one finger. Well, maybe not one finger, but can easily lift his body weight and crush out 20+ without breaking a sweat.

Follow Cliff in the next couple of months on his journey as I take him through the StayFitAnywhere’s advance Building Blocks Program. It includes one on one personal training and online personal training which will improve cardio, muscle and mental strength. This is a great step to complete his goal of reaching the top of Grouse Grind in 60mins.

Tune in weekly on our StayFitAnywhere Blog for Cliff’s motivating journey, in the mean time you can catch him zooming around the seawall, no, not in his fancy BMW, but his new friend, his trusty bicycle!

Joe Cheng – PTS, TSCC-1
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