Exercise of the Week: 1 Leg Tracking Horizontal

Purpose: To train 1 leg balance while manipulating the vestibular system.

Action: Stand on your left leg holding a pen or pencil in your right hand in front of your face. Your left leg should be slightly flexed at the ankle, knee and hip and your upper body should be in strong posture. Keeping your right arm straight move the pen directly to your right, as your arm moves so does your head. Be sure to keep your head in line with the pen and move the pen slowly. When you’ve moved the pen 90 degrees return it back to the front of your face and switch hands and repeat on the other side.

Sets/Reps: The key to training balance is to be out of balance, so depending on your balance skills you can perform this exercise for 2-4 sets of 30-60seconds each.

Points of Concern: Be sure to keep Ankle, Knee, and Hip slightly flexed throughout exercise. The head must move in line with the pen for this exercise to be performed correctly. This exercise can be used to prepare for any 1 leg strength exercises or to cool down after a tough training session.

A simple exercise for everyone!
Josh Neumann, BHK, PTS, TSCC-1
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