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Exercise of the Week: Supine Pullover

Purpose:  The Supine Dumbbell Pullover is a great ‘low level’ core exercise for targeting the transversus abdominis.

Action:  The exercise begins from a supine position with your feet flat on the floor while holding a light dumbbell in your hands straight up at eye level.  Begin by first establishing neutral spine followed by slowly lowering the dumbbell back behind your head.  As you lower, you will feel the load through the trunk increase.  Lower the dumbbell to one inch off the floor (or to peak tension) and pause from anywhere for at least 1 second before slowly returning the dumbbell to the start position. Gently inhale as the dumbbell is lowered and to exhale as you return the dumbbell back to the start position.

Sets/Reps:  Since this is a low-level core exercise, the focus in on endurance.  Perform 12-20 reps or 1 minute total time.  Be sure to execute this exercise slowly.

Points of Concern:  Keep the dumbbell light.  If too heavy a dumbbell is used too much load will be placed on the lats and upper body.  Relax the arms as much as possible, but keep them activated enough to hold the dumbbell.  Remember:  This is not an ‘upper-body’ exercise!  Focus on keeping your spine neutral as well as gently exhaling as you lift.

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Andrew Burchell, Dipl.Ex.Sci

Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist

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One thought on “Exercise of the Week: Supine Pullover

  1. I’ve been doing that for quite some time now and it’s really effective. That’s a nice way of utilizing dumbbell.

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