TEDxVancouver: The Fine Line… Part2

TEDxVancouver: The Fine Line

Part 2 of my experiences at TEDxVancouver 2010.

Nardwuar the Human Serviette
If you have ever seen Nardwuar interview pop culture icons like Snoop Dogg and Kurt Cobain or Canadian politicians like Stephen Harper, Jack Leyton and Paul Martin then you know this guy appears to be a little out there. He may put on this display for effect, because it is very effective I doubt Paul Martin will forget the time he did the hip flip with Nardwuar and neither will the audience watching on TV. How does a guy like Nardwuar get people to do things like the hip flip… he simply asks, comes prepared, makes it fun, and learns from each interview.

Dr. Jack Horner
Dr. Horner told us that scientists really like to name things, and that is why there are so many types of dinosaurs not because there were actually that many types of dinosaurs. What about the little dinosaurs? So Dr. Horner and his team cut into fossils, when museums would let him, to take a look at the inside of bones and what he found was that some bones were very spongy, some were spongy and some were firm. What this showed is different types of dinosaurs were in fact just 1 type of dinosaur at different stages of maturation. He showed us several examples his team uncovered; my favourite example was when he showed a triceratops is just a teenage torosaurus, and because triceratops is the more popular name they have extincted the name torosaurus and kept the name triceratops.

Josh Fox
Josh stepped up to the microphone strumming his banjo and began to speak about his documentary GASLAND. I hadn’t seen his documentary and really didn’t know much about natural gas and a procedure called Hydraulic Fracturing or Frac’ing so I didn’t really know what to expect. Josh grew up on an acreage in Pennsylvania and two years ago he received a letter in the mail from a natural gas company with a $100000 lease offer for a portion of his land and a percentage of the profits generating from the collection of natural gas. He didn’t know much about the process so he started doing some research and asking his neighbours who had accepted the offer and what he found was incredibly alarming and in violation of many water safety acts in the US. It wasn’t just happening in his rural neighbourhood, it was happening all over the US and Canada, so he made his documentary which included: faucets that ran flammable water, faucets that ran grey/brown/green water, wells that had blown up, incredibly sick individuals, and more. Josh made it his mission to take his story to the people where he won an award at the Sundance Film Festival and he is currently doing his best to fight Oil and Gas lobbyists from convincing the US government to allow Frac’ing to continue.

Nicholas Molnar
Molnar believes that the internet can be used for more than checking celebrity gossip and finding information. He believes it can actually improve our lives with websites that serve a purpose. He touched base on 3 websites: ChoreWars – A game to be played within a household where you score points for doing chores (friendly competition!), the Nike Plus site – records the time and distance of your runs and allows users to plan proper workouts (it is a great site), and his own personal project SaveMyLife – which he wasn’t able to share much information but I am looking forward to hearing more about it in the future. His talk particularly hit home for me seeing as this is something we are already doing at StayFitAnywhere… check out our Online Training Centre to see how Trainers and their clients can improve their fitness programs.

Michael Green
Two problems that are affecting the world are climate change and housing. Michael Green believes he can improve both of these problems by designing structures that use wood from sustainably managed forests. It is a pretty simple idea but there is of course a lot of people in need of convincing. The BC government needs to allow wood buildings to stand taller than 6 stroreys, builders need to start reducing waste on site, and reduce the amount of concrete used when building urban buildings (this is a major contributor of carbon emissions). Now if all of these changes become part of the norm architects still need to be innovative and creative when designing big and tall wood structures!

There is a reason this guy won the Peak Performance project, he knows how to perform! He is also a wizard with words… I’d share one of his songs with you here but it is very strongly worded, if you are up to hearing it you can find “Hate” on youtube, be sure to listen to the end. I haven’t been able to stop listening to his music, in particular the one below… which lyric do you think is my favourite?

These are some of the IDEAS WORTH SHARING, check out www.ted.com to find more!
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