TEDxVancouver: The Fine Line… Part 1

TEDxVancouver: The Fine Line

This past Saturday Robyn and I had the pleasure of attending the TEDxVancovuer conference at the beautiful Kay Meek centre in West Vancouver. If you aren’t sure what TED is; and like most I have trouble explaining exactly what TED is to someone because it means something different to each person, visit www.ted.com and come up with your own explanation. If you don’t have time to do that here is the quick explanation: TED is a forum for industry leaders, innovators, philanthropists, and regular Joe’s to share their great IDEA in a presentation that lasts less than 20minutes.

TEDxVancouver had 10 live speakers, 2 live performers, 80 volunteers, and 500 attendees. It was a jam packed day filled with incredible ideas, amazing music, and thought provoking conversation. Each presentation was on a different topic and I would like to share with you 1 or 2 things I took away from each speaker/performer.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam
After learning about the injustices men, women, and children were suffering in her homeland of Iran Nazanin asked herself: If not you, then who? In not now, then when? If you feel that you need to make a change in an area that you are passionate about you need to ask yourself these questions. If you can’t come up with an answer than you can find the answer within the question: ME and NOW.

Greg Power
I like to think for the most part that I can tell a great story but every now and again I catch myself telling a story like my mother, love her to death but get to the point with less details. Greg gave us a simple strategy for formulating a great story: make it irresistible, make it believable, and make it unforgettable. I now have the foundation for formulating my great IDEA.

Fiona Rayher and Tara Mahoney
The two developers of the Gen Why Media project stated that Generation Y (those born between 1977-2001) will be the next hero generation and that we need a crisis to bring us together to change the world. I posed the question: What is the crisis that will bring us together? on our SFA Facebook page. ‘Happiness Coach’ and author, Cliff Harvey, replied with this:
The crisis is clear and it’s multi-level. The destruction of our bodies and our planet. The cause: wanton greed, narcissism, consumerism and materialism. The cure: A paradigm shift in consciousness away from one based around taking and accumulation to one based on action, giving and loving. 🙂
I think Cliff is pretty spot on, but that is just my opinion and I would love to hear what others have to think about this subject.

Yael Cohen
After learning that her mother had breast cancer Yael declared war on cancer by using profanity and humour: FUCKCANCER. If that statement doesn’t get you talking, especially when you see it displayed on a tshirt or a bumper sticker than I guess you are destined to pretend cancer doesn’t exist. Each and every one of us has had our lives affected by cancer on some level. Yael says it is up to Generation Y to step up and talk to our parents about not waiting for cancer to find you and hoping for a cure but to be proactive and go out and find cancer and deal with it at stage one which has a 90% patient success rate.

Jeet-Kei Leung
The west coast of North America is a hot bed for transformational festivals like Burning Man. He explained to the crowd that these festivals are a safe place that allow attendees to deeply connect with their spirits and truly express their feelings through music, dance, and art. These festivals take place in natural locations, a place where most individuals in western cultures don’t spend enough time. How often do you get the chance to spend time in a natural environment? Probably not enough… go get dirty moving your body through the bush. Don’t know where you are going? The best way to get somewhere you have never been.

Don Alder
This man knows how to play a guitar like no other and played one song on a harp guitar which I had never seen before! I am listening to him play right now, check out a couple of his songs.

This will do for today I will have highlights of the remaining 5 speakers and performer posted tomorrow.

All of the volunteers were sporting bright red shirts with the phrase: Ideas worth sharing. So I am and would love to continue the conversation on ideas like these and many others!
Josh Neumann, BHK, PTS, TSCC-1
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