Change…it’s Good for Ya!

Computer and SittingAwhile back, I wrote a blog telling why I chose to change careers when I moved out to Vancouver. You can read it here, Work Life…the cycle. From a sedentary computer programming job to one which allows me the freedom to balance the day between moving and sitting. Six years later, I know I’ve made the right choice.
As you’re reading this now, maybe at home, maybe at work or even at your local cafĂ©, take a quick glance and see how many individuals are just sitting, how long have you been just sitting?

Sitting is a part of our life and that’s ok. But what can you do? Happy you asked, I’m here, along with StayFitAnywhere, to find simple and creative solutions for you to sneak in extra movements during your day. Simple things such as, when the phone rings, just stand up. This instantly increases blood circulation, relieves the contraction of your hips and legs and extends your spine. Quick and painlness eh? And how long does standing take, 2 seconds. So in your busy work day of sitting, if you can spare this “enormous” amount of time, then you’ve increased movement.
A solution as simple as standing works. That’s why we, the StayFitAnywhere team, started to develop a program which educates you from the ground up. Helping you, block by block, to increase your knowledge so you can find your own creative ways to improve your lifestyle. Something you really need to check out is our Building Blocks Program. I’ve been where you are now. I’ve seen the difference and made the change. You can start today, Be the Change, Let’s Go!

Joe Cheng – BCS, PTS
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