“You Eat Healthy”

“You eat Healthy!” I hear this statement all the time, from clients, friends, family, and strangers. I personally don’t think I eat healthy, I think I eat the way I am meant to eat, the way my ancestors ate. What does this mean? The simple answer is: For the most part I eat “REAL FOOD”. Real food is fruit, vegetables, whole grains, meat, nuts, seeds and anything that is made from these ingredients. Eat food that can be gathered or hunted not foods that can be engineered in a test tube and zapped in a microwave. What do I drink? Water, tea, and the occasional beer/cocktail/wine (sometimes there are lots of occasions!). I know my ancestors consumed these liquids along with coffee, and maybe even juice but it was real juice made from real fruit not made from ingredients found in a beaker in a laboratory. Apart from maybe the last 50 years this is the way human beings have viewed food and drink for our entire existence. How do you view your food?
Watch or listen to this incredible video on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad before you decide what you make for your next meal! (HINT: Notice how I said “make” not “buy”).

Next time someone tells you that “you eat healthy” correct them by telling them you eat the way humans are meant to eat!
Josh Neumann, BHK, PTS, TSCC-1
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