Going in the Wrong Direction?

KFC Double Down Hello readers of the StayFitAnywhere Blog. Well, as I was into my regular routine of keeping informed of what goes on around the world,¬†I came across this piece of blurbage. As an individual in the health and fitness industry, one has to ask why. We are all aware of the continuing rise of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes but yet for some reason, we want to introduce another “brilliant” idea such as this, the KFC Double Down, that is now coming to Canada.

I know we at StayFitAnywhere will continue to push in the opposite direction. We will try to keep you educated and informed with all relevant data and studies to keep you healthy and hopefully pain free for the rest of your lives. With that in mind, welcome to our Building Blocks Program. It won’t be just a physical experience but partnered with an educational one. Of course we would never tell you what you can’t eat or what you can’t to do but our Building Blocks Program will provide you with a solid foundation to make your own informed decisions.
A 540 empty calorie with 1740mg of sodium KFC Double Down “sandwich” or a 540 calorie grilled¬†chicken with greens and grains…the choice is yours….oh and here’s the “wonderful” article Yum or Num. What do you think?

~Joe Cheng, BCS, CFP-PTS
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