Healthee Lunch

Last Thursday I had a chance to pop into Healthee,, in Kerrisdale for a delicious and nutritious lunch!  The atmosphere at Healthee was fantastic, you walk in past the outdoor patio (where I later enjoyed my lunch) and into a bright room highlighting the salad bar.  To call it a salad bar is an understatement, it is a garden full of endless possibilities (check it out  I first had to decide if I wanted a salad, a wrap, or a bowl of chilli… it is always a tough decision for me when chilli is thrown into the mix but seeing as it is summer I decided on a wrap.  That wasn’t the end of my decisions I had to decide if I wanted to build my own wrap or have one of their specialty wraps, at the recommendation of the owner Lana I decided on the curry chicken wrap.  The chef gathered all of the fresh ingredients in front of my eyes, and before I knew it I had a rolled up lunch in my hands and was sitting under the sun taking my first bite.  I ate my wrap as fast as it was prepared for me, I just couldn’t put it down.  If you are in a hurry and looking to eat something with nutritional value and tastes amazing then Healthee is your best bet, you can even call ahead and they will have you order ready for you to pick up!

I will be hanging out at Healthee during Kerrisdale days Aug 27-28, stop in for some lunch and say “hi” in between checking out all the other activities going on in the area. 

Live to Move, Move to Live,

Josh Neumann, BHK, PTS, TSCC-1

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