Volleyball – one of my favourite sports

VolleyballFor me, there’s nothing like diving into sand on a warm summer’s day. I tend to do that a lot while digging after a volleyball, especially on the beach. Beach volleyball is a terrific sport, especially during the summer. You get to spend time outside in the hot sun enjoying the time with friends and family. Volleyball combines agility, coordination, anticipation, reflex action, explosive power and calmness. Why calmness, when one panics the focus is lost and all the other motor skills become impaired. Volleyball combines a multitude of skills that Stayfitanywhere provides. We utilizes many different movements during our everyday life and when we put it into sports, we get to see the full spectrum of what our bodies are capable of.
Volleyball is also a sport that usually does not require an abundance of equipment, usually just a volleyball a net and a couple of friends. Volleyball can be played in 2’s, 4’s and 6’s. I have played all types, indoors and outdoors. It will be a sport I hope to continue participating in for years to come.
If you’ve never played before or looking for someone to play with, give me a shout! I’m always up for game.

~joe -jcheng@stayfitanywhere.com