Joe’s, one of many favourite exercises:Wall Flattener

Wall Flattener Start   Wall Flattener Start

Ah, the wall flattener. It’s one of my favourite exercises not just because of the many benefits for posture, range of motion and flexibility but it is an equipment free exercise. Nothing is required besides a vertical flat surface which means this exercise can be performed virtually anywhere.
A great example is demonstrated by Andrew Burchell above, who presents Stayfitanywhere Health Seminars.
For full instructions of the exercise and a print out, view Wall Flattener Exercise.
Sitting at the computer all day forces your shoulders to rotate inwards towards the center of your chest which results in tight pectoral muscles. If you’re reading post, this would be a perfect time for you to get up out of your seat and perform this exercise for 30 seconds on the wall behind you. Give it shot!
Stay tuned for my next favourite exercise, the Wall Sit.
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